The Ankaran Peninsula impresses with its views.

The Regional Park Debeli Rtič is a real eyeful for photography, and at sunset, you can create unforgettable memories. Exceptional motifs that change with seasons will enthrall all lovers of natural and landscape diversity.


St Nicholas Parish Church

The first parish established on the Ankaran Peninsula in 1965 was the parish of St Brigid of Kildare. Later, the parish of Ankaran was founded, which for a long time remained without a church.

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Villa Galli

Villa Galli

A walled terrace on the hillside between Valdoltra and Debeli Rtič hides the Galli noble family’s preserved villa and garden.

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Things to see-Samostan

The Monastery of Saint Nicholas

One of the cultural attractions of Ankaran is the Benedictine monastery of St. Nicholas from the 11th century. The monastery has not been active as an abbey since 1641. In the building, there is a four-star hotel nowadays.

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Things to see-WW2 monuments

World War II monuments

In 1943, after the capitulation of Italy, the territory of the Ankaran’s peninsula belonged to Germany under the then established operational area.

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Things to see-Krušna peč

Communal bread oven

The preserved communal bread oven on the Adriatic road reflects a part of the forgotten, traditional way of life of our ancestors.

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Things to see-Slani travnik

Mediterranean salty meadow

The Mediterranean salt meadow is the only meadow of its kind in Slovenia and one of the few on the eastern Adriatic coast. This unique and ecologically important area is classified as a natural asset of national importance and part of the Natura 2000 network.

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Things to see-Flora&Fauna

Fauna and flora

So far, at least 24 species of marine organisms with a different status of a threatened species have been identified in the area of the Ankaran Municipality.

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Things to see-Park MZL DR

Mediterranean park with plants from all continents

The Park in Youth and Health Resort of the SRC Debeli Rtič extends on seven hectares approximately, with more than 4,000 major plants, which belong to more than 200 species from all continents.

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Things to see-Pokopališče školjk

Bivalve shells’ cemetery

Explore the bivalve shells’ cemetery, where 234 species of all the bivalve of the Gulf of Trieste can be found.

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The bay of St. Bartholomew

The Bay of St Bartholomew is located only a few tens meters from the Slovenian-Italian border. It is extremely shallow; the water does not exceed the depth of three meters.

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Things to see-Lazaret, Obisk cesarja FJ

The Emperor Franz Joseph’s visit to Lazaret

The settlement of Lazaret was named after the last lazaretto of the Port of Trieste.

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Things to see-Resslov gaj

Ressel grove

Ressel grove is a forest learning path located on Jurjev hill (the western part of the Ankaran peninsula).

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