The story of Ankaran has its roots in the founding of the Municipality of Ankaran. Local people felt they had to do it alone if they wanted to keep the environment they live in as intact and green as possible.

The secession of Ankaran was also a nature conservation project – the aim was to protect the nature of the peninsula, the cliffs of Debeli Rtič and the sea. This is the basis on which the destination’s brand – its cliff, sea and nature – was developed.

Ankaran as a destination can be described by its slogan, an Island of Green Treasures, aimed at everyone, from individuals and couples to families. With a focus on the principles of nature conservation, sustainability and green orientation are at the heart of our development.

Because we want to get our message across to visitors and because we want to keep our destination clean, healthy and safe, here are some green tips that you can help us with.

"Try and leave this world a little better than you found it." – Robert Baden-Powell

Sustainable mobility

Ankaran is easily accessible by public transport. You can get to Koper by train, and there is a regular bus line to Ankaran. The bus runs every hour or so. There is also a regular bus service within the destination, from Lazaret to St Katarina, where you can visit, for example, the salt meadow of St Nicholas or the shellfish dune. In summer, you can also travel by free summer bus, but considering Ankaran is relatively small – only 8 km2 – you can also quite easily walk or cycle.

So, check out the sustainable travel options to explore our peninsula. We encourage you to travel in an environmentally friendly way and to take a bus or walk to the town centre from one of the car parks outside the destination, rather than drive. You'll be helping to protect the environment, reducing emissions, making us all feel better and making exploring the destination even more interesting.

Green Tips

Recycle your rubbish

In Ankaran, we are very careful about waste separation. By doing so, we help our environment and keep our surroundings tidy. There are bins for mixed waste and dog poo litter bins, as well as recycling stations in several locations, where you can sort your packaging, paper, glass and organic waste into separate bins. This all makes it easy to keep Ankaran clean and tidy. However, we urge you to minimise waste as much as possible in advance. Buy wisely, only what you really need, and if you do have waste, separate it carefully. So, we can all enjoy a clean Ankaran.

Green Tips

Drinking water

The water from the Rižana water supply is some of the best, and drinking tap water is much better for the environment. In Ankaran, we have drinking fountains at several locations where you can fill up your water bottle and refresh yourself. This will save you money and protect our environment by reducing the amount of bottled water being bought and creating unnecessary packaging waste. We invite you to refresh yourself with our Rižana water and help make the environment a better place.

However, the destination is increasingly facing a shortage of drinking water, especially in the summer months when there is no rainfall. Our Rižana water source cannot meet all our needs then. Together, we can do our bit to protect our water. So be careful when using it, don't be unnecessarily wasteful. 

Green Tips

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