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The protection of the Landscape park's natural values has 1524 supporters.
We wish to preserve the nature and the landscape of Debeli rtič for the next generations, which is why we have implemented additional measures to safeguard the area and its natural values. We believe, that the preserved nature means a lot to you too; therefore, we invite you to join us and become its supporter.

On land

  • When visiting the area of Debeli rtič we follow the paths,
  • we keep the dog on leash,
  • we take the litter back with us and take care of the litter left by careless visitors or marine litter brought by the tide,
  • we park the car in a public parking lot.

At sea

  • We sail on motor vessels outside the protected area, marked by yellow floating boas,
  • we anchor the boat outside the 200 m wide sea strip and outside the protected area (on sand or sledge),
  • we do not fish in the protected area; pick shells or crabs or any other marine organisms.

I am joining the efforts to preserve the biodiversity of Debeli rtič and I respect the special code of conduct in the landscape park.

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