Ankarijin časoplov - Igrificirani vodnik po Ankaranu

Ankaria's Time Machine

Gamified e-guide through Ankaran

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Things to do-Beaches-MZL

Health Resort Red Cross Debeli rtič

The beach is located in the area of the Health Resort of the Slovenian Red Cross, but is open to all other guests.

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Things to do-Beblerjev park

Following the Bebler’s Trail

Bebler’s Trail goes from the centre of Ankaran to Montemoro and Hrvatini, and from there to Božiči, where, following the Sanatorian hill, it descend..

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Things to do-Športi na kopnem

Sports on land

The Ankaran peninsula is a healthy, green destination that offers its visitors many opportunities for sports activities.

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Things to do-Water sports

Water sports

Ankaran beaches inspire you to enjoy an active and playful summer party time.

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Things to do-Plaže-Valdoltra

Valdoltra beach

The beach in Valdoltra is very popular among locals and visitors. There is a stone platform, for sunbathing, and a small green oasis for resting. Af..

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Things to do-beaches-Študent

Študent beach

Študent Beach is a small bathing place with a bar Na Študentu, which is famous for its relaxed atmosphere and also as a venue for lively events in t..

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Things to do-Plaže-AA

Adria Ankaran beach

Adria Ankaran Beach is located next to the Hotel & Resort Adria Ankaran and is surrounded by large pine trees, which offer natural shade.

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Things to do-PLaže-Sveti Jernej

The bay of St. Bartholomew beach

is located very close to the Slovenian-Italian border. A popular natural grass beach, which attracts mainly environmentally conscious guests.

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Things to do-beaches-Debeli rtič

Debeli rtič beach

One of the biggest beaches on the Ankaran Peninsula is the Debeli Rtič beach.

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General photos

Exploring Debeli rtič

With 800 metres of coastline and the edge of the cliff and its walls, Debeli rtič is one of the special features of the Ankaran Peninsula.

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